Hello, I'm Nina Robert


I'm your coach, and the CEO of Sucess Catalyst. I've worked as an executive manager for  multinational companies for over a decade before deciding to dedicate my life to coaching.

Following extensive study under Bob Proctor, I've harnessed many success stories for both myself and my clients. As a dedicated success mentor and coach, I'm committed to helping individuals “wake up” and live fulfilling lives by transforming their ideas into tangible outcomes. In addition to my coaching practice, I'm also a published author of the self-help book “Clean Up Your Life.”

My Story


when I first came accross Bob Proctor, I thought I was already doing great in life, and that it couldn't get much better, but it did! in just a few months into his program, I achieved goals that were closer to a fantasy than to a realistic goal, ut that's what I learned from Bob : That your wildest dreams can come true if you have a clear vision in your mind and if you do the work.


In just a few months, I multiplied my income, recovered from an auto-immune disease, and published my first book! And since then, I've decided to dedicate my life and my business to helping people around the world set up and achieve their goals!

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